Kuda intention to use unique and natural materials, which is a key choice in order to create always more peculiar and diverse products in today’s scenario, cannot ignore environmental issues and conservation, which is our guiding and constant principle and goal.
Over the years, the use of solid wood has been always more relevant in the realization of design products meant to last in time and to pass on among generations, and for these reasons environmental commitment has acquired a prominent role in our everyday choices.
Thus, at Kuda we only use wood granted with origin and treatment certification, as for example the SLVK Certification – Indonesian Legal Wood. With this guarantee, solid wood coming from south-eastern Asian plantation has a verified origin and gives us certainty that trees used in the construction of our furniture comply with criteria of age, dimensions and number of plants that can be cut every year. Furthermore, Indonesian Legal Wood grants the respect of standards for reforestation of plantations, so to allow a continuous repopulation of trees in developing areas, creating both opportunities for humans and environmental sustainability.