the squad

Kuda is a refined Italian furniture-design company resulting from a shared young creatives’ project, in which the lure of traditional inspirations binds with the exuberant excitement of contemporary beat. Founded by Tommaso and Marco, a duo of fresh and instinctive minds,

Kuda is both the result of a rooted family legacy handed down to the new generation and of the lust for a distinct innovative vision where older values are mixed with the disruptive call for originality.

Aiming to emerge from the standard design scenario, Kuda strives to make of the accurate research for diversity and peculiarity a constant ambition, merging traditional manufacturing processes with creative bold shapes and designs. It is with such a background that Kuda’s design furniture are developed to fit transversally in multiple spaces, from private interiors to hotels or public spaces, giving major attention to project development in collaboration with professionals, architects and interior designers.

But it is with two simple elements that Kuda research on products starts: solid wood and artisanal knowledge, which are tied together in the research for new combinations. Indeed, both Tommaso and Marco share a passionate view on a historical approach to products development, borrowing methodologies in their manufacturing process and inspirations, and at the same time they share the desire to connect this approach with a sincere wish to develop something ground-breaking, inventive and eye-catching, capable of transforming ordinary spaces into diverse and polished ones.

And it is for these reasons that the founders felt the need to find new ways to express their inspirations, combining their alternative visions on design with the urge to give space to young and original minds who are willing to convey their inventive ideas on the future of furniture design and living solutions. And this is also why Kuda chooses to give prior space to blossoming talents and rising skilled thinkers who share pioneering views and are willing to give unprecedented solutions to already existing issues.